Today we had a very wet day. We have had problems to shoot due to the weather but something we could be done. We have almost finished it in Italy. Living together day to day and sharing experiences is and will be unforgettable for all who participate in this beautiful project.

Today’s visit was to two small medieval villages, precious ancient villages full of art, history and love. Our first destination, Corinaldo, was declared the most beautiful village in Italy in 2008. The heavy rain has faded our visit a bit, but it was worth it. We have been received by the mayor and we have been able to walk around its walls and towers, where we have seen some beautiful views of landscapes of story.

Then we have come to Mondavio, with a unique castle in Europe for its staircase and helical structure. And right there we have made a pizza workshop. Everyone has cooked their own pizza to taste afterwards listening to the instructions of the master pizza maker. An unforgettable and delightful experience.

Tomorrow, students will perform activities in the Liceo Perticari school while the teachers meet to advance the development of the project. We will also be received by the authorities of Senigallia in Town Hall.

Ciao tutti.

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