Erasmus +. Europe in Love. Chapter 4. Day 4. Carrickfergus. Northern Ireland.

Another hardworking day on our project. In the morning while students have attended lessons teachers have been working on the learning units we are preparing about our Love, which are finished now. Now we’ll have to revise, correct and publish them, hard work as well. However we are working as planned on schedule and we are really happy! We believe it will be a quality educative product from our project on order to transmit love and all its types to all European citizens ( Brexit ones included) and convince them all that if we want a real union we must love each other in any possible way.

Afterwards we have walked to the centre of this lovely town which is 10 miles away from Belfast. We have split the group in two and have done a tour around the centre and a tour around the castle. In the town centre we have seem the well preserved remains of its medieval wall, Saint Nicholas parish church , the high street, the punishment pylon and others.
The castle, which is extremely well preserved, was built in the 12th century and extended among the centuries. A great tower of homage chairs the bay sorrounded by high powerful walls which defend a harbor with very busy commerce activity in Medieval times. Carrickfergus was the capital of Ireland long ago before Belfast was back in the 1700s. Some of the students have also had the chance to dress up as medieval warriors or knights.

We have recorded our traditional heartshape in the castle courtyard and have been recording another scene with the castle at the background.

So, another productive day, very cold as a wind chill has arrived. We have had only a little rain, though.

Tomorrow we’re recording in some natural amazing sites. We hope the weather stays at least as today, although the forecast predicts some wind and rain too. See you tomorrow.

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