Erasmus + Europe in Love Chapter 4 Carrickfergus , Northern Ireland. Day 1

Long trip to start our adventure, although we travel with illusion and eager to meet our friends and colleagues again.

It has been quite an early start: bus from Valencia to Alicante airport, flight to Dublin and bus from Dublin to Belfast. Here in Belfast no euros, but pounds, cars drive on the left, everything is green (the island is known as The Emerald Isle), it’s chillier and, of course, cloudy. Let’s hope we don’t have much rain!
We are looking forward to get to our destination and rest to start working on our short film with energy and illusion. Amazing sites are awaiting, such as Carrickfergus castle, astonishing views, like The Giant’s Causeway, and famous museums, like The Titanic museum. An amazing plan!

In those places we’ll try to express with images the longest lasting type of love, the most mature and sensible…Pragma. Love is in the air. Here we come

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