Loviisa, Finland. Day 6

After a surprising concert last night  by Voice Crack, a band of students from school, we have spent the day at school. Students have attended lessons and teachers have attended a lecture on the [...]

Loviisa, Finland. Day 5

I Typical day at school to do sled hill in a nearby hill. We have had great fun! And it wasn’t much cold. After lunch the students have gone ice-skating while the teachers have attended a [...]

Loviisa, Finland. Day 4

Today we have set off at 8.30 towards the capital of the country. We have stopped at Johan Sibelius monument first, at Sibelius park, where the composer of the Finnish anthem is honoured. We have [...]

Loviisa, Finland. Day 3

Intense filming and cold day. We have met early in the morning at school where we have been received by the principal herself. We have been told some facts about Loviisa and then have gone on a [...]

Loviisa, Finlandia. Day 2

First day of our stay in Loviisa, a small coastal town at the South of Finland about 80 km away from Helsinki. It’s sunny, true, but tricky as we have -2 °C here and going down… We [...]

Loviisa, Finland. Day 1

The loooooong trip. We left last night at 0.00 from Valencia and we have just arrived at our final destination after 18 hours, two coaches, two flights and three countries… That’s [...]