Day 6 and last

Meeting 4. Day 6 and last. Carrickfergus. Day at school. Working hard. We have been preparing our next meeting in Slovakia and the next one in Finland. Tomorrow everybody goes back home. Thanks [...]

Day 5, Belfast

Erasmus+ Europe in Love. Chapter 5. Day 5. Northern Ireland. Today we’ve been on a long day trip to know the natural beauty of our hosting land. We’ve travelled by bus for more than [...]

Day 4, Belfast

Erasmus +. Europe in Love. Chapter 4. Day 4. Carrickfergus. Northern Ireland. Another hardworking day on our project. In the morning while students have attended lessons teachers have been [...]

Day 3, Belfast

Erasmus + Europe in Love. Northern Ireland. Chapter 3. Day 3 Belfast. Long exhausting day today. In the morning we have gone to Belfast and visited the Titanic Museum. It is a very modern [...]

Day 2, Belfast

Erasmus+ Europe in love Chapter II. Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. Day 2. Today we have spent the day in our host school. We have held the first teachers’meeting while our students have [...]

Day 1, Belfast

Erasmus + Europe in Love Chapter 4 Carrickfergus , Northern Ireland. Day 1 Long trip to start our adventure, although we travel with illusion and eager to meet our friends and colleagues again. [...]