Day 6, Neuss

Today is a teachers’ meeting day to keep planning our project, to coordinate future meetings and to catch up on the progress of the learning units we all are preparing and the etwinning project [...]

Neuss, Day 5. Cologne

Today we have travelled to the largest city in the area to shoot some more resources for our short film and visit the city. KÖLN has a majestic, towering cathedral. We’ve climbed up the [...]

Day 4, Dusseldorf

Today we’ve been on a day trip to the nearby beautiful city of Düsseldorf. We have gone up the 240 metres communications tower placed at river Rhin’s bed. We have strolled around the [...]

German Press

European project overcomes borders. Students from five European countries are working on “Europe in Love”. Schüler aus fünf europäischen Ländern beschäftigen sich mit “Europe in [...]

Day 3, Neuss. Shooting

26.09.16 Today has been the longest day shooting. In the morning, after the flashmob rehearsal, we have recorded another scene for our short in a really cozy little theatre in the city. Another [...]